ICFM Biography and Philosophy

With a heart to serve God and a passion for young people, I Can Fly Ministries (ICFM) was founded in 2007 in Vicksburg, MS to promote unity and to enhance spiritual and moral growth among today’s youth. We accomplish this by bringing a diverse group of youth together from different communities, schools and churches to participate in cultural, civic and spiritual activities. They began meeting and having bible studies with the youth in the community – with a passion to mentor & encourage young believers and build disciples through the art of dance and mime.

Community service activities, talk sessions, dancing, and mime were all ministered on the local & state level. ICFM has been ministering in various art forms since its conception and reaching men and women of all ages with the message of Jesus Christ. In 2009 Radical Praise for Christ (RP4C) Dance Ministry was started by ICFM. RP4C is a ministry that focuses on sharing our faith in Jesus Christ through choreographed and spontaneous creative dance and mime.


In 2011, I Can Fly Ministries combined the arts and mentorship focus and became a non-profit organization and has been successful in using the arts as an outlet to draw young people to Christ, change youth outlook on life, empower youth to improve academics, motivated youth to serve their communities through volunteerism, and mentor youth in the area of leadership. Some of the mentorship programs offered have been CPR training, Sewing, Vision Boards, ACT Workshops, Scholarship Programs, Resume and Interview Skills, Culinary Mentoring, Purity Group, Fitness, Community Service training such as ministering at nursing homes and shelters, feeding homeless and less fortunate, Operation Shoebox, and so much more. Some of the Arts training offered is Choreographed Dance with Modern, Ballet, & Jazz, Mime, Spontaneous Movement, Flags, & much more. In addition to youth related activities, ICFM produces an annual Mega Conference in June that has become one the most sought after summer community event. The ministry gives honor to God for growth and every opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God.

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“I can fly ministries has taught Travelers Rest Vessels of Praise how to treasure the gift that God has given us thru dance. Thank God for placing them in our path."

Tangela Myles, VOP Leader


I Can Fly Ministries


To disciple youth into ministry in order to change the outlook of life despite circumstances or experiences.


To radically praise God in an effort to draw young people to Christ.




To minister the importance of Jesus Christ as a foundation in life.

What the Ministry has to offer?

Individualized Growth Plans,  Mentorship Programs, Scholarship Opportunities, Tutoring, ACT Workshops, Conferences, Dance, Mime, & Flag Training, Teen Talks, Community Service, Small Group Projects, Evangelism, Bible Studies, and Fitness



To radically praise God through dance in an effort to draw people to Christ. 

What the Ministry has to offer?



Liturgical Dance



Radical Praise for Christ (RP4C) 

I Can Fly has helped Jessica with her spiritual growth, learning to work as a team, and to strive to do better in school.
— Ida Kennedy, ICFM Parent