By Author Kathryn “Kay” Reed


Ever wondered why your dance pattern changes in different seasons?

God has equipped you with a different type of movement in the midst of a storm while preparing you for the harvest. Lets celebrate your new beginning, worship, warfare and travail as did Job and dare to be a Daniel. As you receive prophetic revelation, praise God as you actively release and pour your dancer’s heart upon God’s people.


A must read to spiritually understand what season of life God has you in as a worship dancer. You will be blessed with spiritual empowerments, testimonies, and dance and mime principles. Designed for all members of Christ to receive revelation on worship dance and mime.



SEASON 1 - Celebrating a New Beginning: Celebration Dance

SEASON 2 - A Call to Freedom: Worship Dance

SEASON 3 - The Job Experience: Travail Dance

SEASON 4 - Purified by Fire: Warfare Dance

SEASON 5 - Dare to be a Daniel: Prophetic Dance

SEASON 6 - Walking in the Miraculous: Praise Dance

SEASON 7 - The Release: By Your Spirit: Activations

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Every movement embodied in Kay’s choreography speaks of the wind of the Holy Spirit. His wind carries seed from mature fruit that has grown throughout seasons of testing and triumph. I am of the strong conviction that it is Kay’s pure heart of passion and worship that has carried her through every night of mourning and misfortune into powerful victorious dancing that impacts a nation.
— Minister Jazmine Sanders



Kathryn is a believer in God thru our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, a youth mentor & community leader who founded I Can Fly Ministries in 2007 with a passion to draw young people to Christ in Radical ways. Kathryn has been gifted in flags for 22 years, ministered praise and worship dance for 16 years and mime for 9 years which is the avenue by which God uses her gift to open up opportunities to help so many people.

With a passion to serve God, she directed and produced eight years of arts productions & conference trainings equipping God’s saints thru various visions, conducted leadership trainings, choreographed dance and flag at various high schools; and created Radical Praise for Christ (RP4C) Dance & Mime ministry.

Kathryn is a graduate of Vicksburg High School, Hinds Community College, and the University of MS Medical Center now working as a registered dental hygienist for 12 years. Kathryn is also a graduate of the School of Flag Ministry in North Carolina with a teaching certification, graduate of Dancing for Him Ministries Liturgical Dance Program Level 1 teacher’s certification, and also a level 2 graduate with a Minister of Dance License. She received ministry training for many of her seasons under the leadership of Pastors Mitchell & Dr. Deborah Dent, Mt. Carmel Ministries and is now under the leadership of Apostle Brandon & Dr. Denise Cornelius, Glory Revival Center. Community honors have been a recipient of Vicksburg’s 20 under 40 Award and a recipient of Vicksburg’s Association for women “I am “Award.

She is the Mississippi delegate for SOFM and along with her husband, serves as MS delegate for Paneh Mime Ministries. Her heart is serving the needs of teenagers in the community uniting them and pouring into their lives thru mentorship and making an impact so they will reach beyond boundaries set by the enemy. Kathryn is married to Minister Courtney Reed which has a passion for healing and deliverance, owner of Fix Fitness Center, and the Training Officer for the Vicksburg Fire Department.


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